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Hello, my name is Michelle and I am a mom of 3 boys and one lil girl. My first two boys are now 28 and 24, but my youngest are 16 and 9, and they keep me busy like you don't even know... I love art, music, reading and the beach or lake. I live in the mountains of PA... I make stuff in Paint shop all the time my layout and banners are made by me using tag scrap kits :) I always hated to read, till one day when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I was at the book store with my best friend forever... She can read a book a day and sometimes does. I was looking at this one book and she convinced me to get it, so I was like what the hell, she likes it who knows... So I start reading and I was so lost... Turns out I had book 3 of a series, so I went back and got books one and two, read all three and well I have been addicted ever since...

My book shelves contain around 500 books, and I at current count have over 2000 on my kindle. Some of those belong to my kids tho :) and I have an addiction to free books, so when one comes up I grab it. I also get many ARCS from Edleweiss and Net Galley. And I have been asked before "do you actually even read all those books?" Yes I do, have I read everyone that I own, No, but I'm working on it, and I always have a book with me. I get looks sometimes when I pull one (or my kindle) out of my purse :) but I don't care, I didn't fall in love with reading till I was in my mid thirties and I don't want to miss one moment of reading before my old eyes don't work :)

To be honest with you this page started out basically just for me, a way to be creative, to keep track of what Ive read, keep the links to my favorite book pages and so forth. But as I grew in my love of books, I started writing reviews, and I love to share so please enjoy my page and Id love to hear your ideas of ways I could make my page as fun for you as it is for me....


What type of links and books will you find on my blog??? 

 Well for the most part you will find Paranormal Romance... My favorites are Darkhunters, Fae, and witches, however I love it all... 

 You will find a lot of Fantasy/sci-fi however not the old out in space sci-fi my dad use to watch or read, the more modern kind and you will almost never if at all find anything here about aliens... lol

STEAMPUNK, I have always loved steampunk and gothic anything, but just found the world of steampunk tales and Im in love... 

I also just ADORE retellings of the Fairy Tales we all grew up with. I read more Alice In Wonderland retells more than anything, but I adore them all, I tend to read a lot of Snow White retells as well but anything fairy tale or Grimm related, will find a way to my book shelves. 

And one last new love, dystopian, I dont know why but I really really enjoy reading dystopian novels. I love when a bit of magic is thrown in but I really just enjoy all of them, some of my favorites are The Arcana Chronicles, The Testing, Delirium Series and The Blood Of Eden Series.

Love and Hugs, 

Michelle Tiffany

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