"Even the devil may cry when he looks around Hell and realizes that he's there alone..."
-Achron- Devil May Cry-Sherrilyn Kenyon

“Never allow your yesterday to use up too much of today. The past is gone and tomorrow is at best a maybe. Live for this moment because it may be all you’ll ever have…”
 – Retribution – Sherrillyn Kennon

“To deny the presence of the sun doesnt escape its blister. I admire your loyalty. But sometimes you have to face the truth, even when it hurts…” – Retribution – Sherrillyn Kennon
“And face it, it was a lot easier to look badass in black than baby doll pink…”
 – Retribution – Sherrillyn Kennon

“Yeah. Its like I’m cursed or something. Anytime I get really close to a guy, he either discovers he’s gay or he has a freak accident and decides to break up with me.” 
— Achron – Sherrillyn Kennon

“It was the additional feeling she inspired. The one of connection, like she was someone who should be part of his life. Some people called it chemistry, others called it infatuation, some even called it fate.”
— Happily Never After - Jeaniene Frost

 “Hey, you’ve seen me drink blood from a cup and like it, puke, kiss a guy, lick his blood like I’m a puppy, and then bawl my eyes out. And I’ve seen you turn down a blow job. I think I can manage to answer a kinda personal question.”
Zoey- Marked(HON1)- P.C. Cast

 “There also stands the gloomy house of Night; ghastly clouds shroud it in darkness. Before it Atlas stands erect and on his head and unwearying arms firmly supports the broad sky, where Night and Day cross a bronze threshold and then come close and greet each other.”
 Zoey- Marked(HON1)- P.C. Cast

Dorothy Must Die Series - Danielle Paige

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