Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time for some book reviews

Im going to start off with the latest series I have read, Being Mytho's Academy, then I will give you ones on some others, most of which are my favorite books ever so its already apparent that those reviews will be amazing from my point of view but I will try to give you info that helps give you your own look into it...So that you have your own things to go with to decide if you might want to check out the books as well... Currently Im reading Steam and Sorcery and when I finish I will give you a review on it before I continue with my favorites :) However keep in mind that they are my favorites for a reason, cuz they rock :) I hope you enjoy my blog. I have to be honest here this page is mostly for me to help me keep track of what Im reading, what I want to read, or buy, and to keep track of series as well as really awesome links to pages I visit often. I have been wanting to make a blog like this for a while to like I said help me keep track of my reading, but why should I keep all this wonderfulness to myself???? I want to share with you all the cool things I have found and all the cool books Ive read... I hope you like your visit and remember its still being worked on so please stop back to see what I add...

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