Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thorn Abbey By Nancy Ohlin

Thorn Abbey

Nothing is as it seems in this darkly romantic tale of infatuation and possession, inspired by Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca.

Becca was the perfect girlfriend: smart, gorgeous, and loved by everyone at New England’s premier boarding school, Thorn Abbey. But Becca’s dead. And her boyfriend, Max, can’t get over his loss.

Then Tess transfers to Thorn Abbey. She’s shy, insecure, and ordinary—everything that Becca wasn’t. And despite her roommate’s warnings, she falls for brooding Max.

Now Max finally has a reason to move on. Except it won’t be easy. Because Becca may be gone, but she’s not quite ready to let him go..


I was looking so forward to reading this book, when I saw the cover art and read the description. I received it as an ARC, and excitedly started it. Finishing this book has left me highly disappointed... The concept and plot of this story is a great one. I feel it could have gone so much further than it did. It was very confusing and many times I had to reread paragraphs or skim back a few pages to see what I missed and 9 times out of 10 I never found it and was still lost. Many of the characters are not described fully, and its hard to get into their heads. With the exception of D who is obviously a total bitch. The writing jumps so much. One second written in the first person the next narrative. Chapters would end with a cliffhanger and when the next would start it was days later and just summarized what had happened. And in the end, I was still left asking myself what happened to B?? Was it just a dream or is that what happened... What happens to D?? Many times I also wanted to just slap Tess for being so whiny and stupid... I feel bad giving this review, but I was given this ARC from edleweiss and I felt I owed them the truth...

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