Thursday, August 22, 2013

Neferet's Curse (House of Night Novellas, #3)

Neferet's Curse (House of Night Novellas, #3)Neferet's Curse by P.C. Cast
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For just a moment I totally forgot this sad mistreated little girl, Emily was Neferet. I fell in love with Emily, I felt for her, I wanted to save her myself. No person should be made to feel as she did. Especially in those day, a mere girl of 16 was utterly helpless. In swoops her knight in shining armor to ride her off into the sunset, only to befall the neglect and abuse all over again. Then swoops in Neferet, and we are back to the truely evil woman we all love to hate. While I understand and feel for her pain, Neferet remains my most hated character in The House Of Night. Don't worry, every story needs a bad guy well woman, evil insane sociopath to make the story worth reading. As with every HON book, I loved every word. Well done P.C. Cast!

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