Friday, July 20, 2012

House Of Night- Marked (Book 1)

 House Of Night- Marked (Book 1)

(For House Of Night I will review each book as I read it, which is what my intent was to begin with when I made this page, however I was so busy setting it up I ended up reading more than I was reviewing....)

A 100% :
WELL I have to say I loved this book it was/is AMAZING!!!! I have to say it took me a long time to pick up this book, at the insistence of my niece I got them, just hadn't read them I was reading other series :) and at her persistence the other night I picked up book one and started to read... AND Im so glad I did, I just finished it about an hour ago and it was one of the best books Ive read. House Of Night is totally on my favorites list... Within the first chapter, I was LMAO, and sharing quotes, I have it on my kindle touch... :) At the end I was even teary eyed....I found that even tho Im 40, there was a time that I totally could relate to Zoey, I think we have been there, welll maybe cept the vampyer fledgling part haha :) I say if you have not read this series you should totally pick up Marked and get started I cant wait to start Betrayed as soon as I get off the computer and my kids are in bed and I can lay down in quiet and start reading :)

 After a Vampire Tracker Marks her with a crescent moon on her forehead, 16-year-old Zoey Redbird enters the House of Night and learns that she is no average fledgling. She has been Marked as special by the vampyre Goddess Nyx and has affinities for all five elements: Air, Fire Water, Earth and Spirit. But she is not the only fledgling at the House of Night with special powers. When she discovers that the leader of the Dark Daughters, the school’s most elite club, is mis-using her Goddess-given gifts, Zoey must look deep within herself for the courage to embrace her destiny – with a little help from her new vampyre friends (or Nerd Herd, as Aphrodite calls them).

For more information and complete reading order(or my blog has it too, for those who dont feel link clicking) on the House Of Night Series Check out the official site HERE

What Is Your Affinity?
Earth You are incredibly loyal and trustworthy, and your friends can always count on you. Like Stevie Rae, you are cautious and slow to change.

Fledglings with an affinity for earth are great at offering help and will be there when friends need a shoulder to cry on. They may not always be imaginative, but will have no trouble finishing projects that they start.
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  1. I love this series. A lot of people hate on it but I really liked it :)

  2. I love it too :) Im really enjoying it :)