Monday, August 4, 2014

No Place Like Oz (Dorothy Must Die #0.5) by Danielle Paige

No Place Like Oz (Dorothy Must Die #0.5)No Place Like Oz by Danielle Paige
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Completely riveting!!! I am one for not giving spoilers in my reviews, I absolutely hate when someone ruins part of the story in a review. With that in mind I will do my best to properly review this without any spoilers.

I am so not a Wizard of Oz fan, that was my mom, my favorite part of the movie was tormenting my little sister with the flying monkeys. I always thought Dorothy was such a goody two shoes, that she was just too sweet!! Gag!!! And how stupid she was for not knowing she had the power to go home at anytime.

Well Danielle Paige, has made my interest in Oz return, she has shown me the side of Dorothy, I always knew was in there, spoiled lil selfish whinny baby!!! Ms. Paige shows us a dark side to Dorothy Gale in No Place like Oz, a side you never imagined you would see of Dorothy. At first it seems just like a happy little reunion with her old friends, the scare crow, the tin woodsman and the lion. You worry about Glinda and what became of her, by the end of this story the true wicked witch is revealed to you and she is not from Oz, born and raised in Kansas she was!!!

I got this ebook after seeing Dorothy Must Die, at the bookstore, and this Ebook was only 1.99 on Kindle, I figured while Im waiting for the BFF to read DMD and give me her review, as well has payday to come around, Id check this prequel out and get a taste for the series and see if I liked it. Well I don't like it!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Danielle Paige has hooked me, as soon as I can I will have Dorothy Must Die, and as soon as the rest of the books are out I will have them too!!! Amazing idea cant wait to see what comes next!!!

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