Thursday, May 25, 2017

Yay!!!!! My book is in!!!! The End Of Oz Danielle Paige

Yay Im so excited!!!! The Library just called me and the book I had on hold is in :) YAY!!!! 
I have been trying to get End Of Oz by Danielle Paige for like a month now and its been checked out, to the point I needed to put a hold on it!!!! They just called and said its in!!! So going to pick it up in a little bit!!! I am reading Yellow Brick War, right now and I will be able to start End Of Oz this weekend :) Cant wait!!! 

By the way if you cant tell I love Danielle Paige, you should read ALL her books they are all awesome :) 

Side note: she has a lot of novellas and Im behind on those lol 

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